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New Quay Lass


New Quay Lass

Beautiful rising 5 year old registered Connemara mare.

By Tulira Robuck x Glanns Owen


Red bay with black points - no white markings.Beautiful naturally wavy native mane & tail.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF_PKW2OTg0

This mare is green as grass but showing to have a super attitude to work and has shown us snippets of what she is going to be capable of in the future. She is bold, big moving and very athletic over a fence. She is raw and has only jumped under saddle twice but really surprised us with her athleticism and scope. She can only get better now. She is broken 1.5 months and is well handled and easy to do. Clipped with no sedation and excellent for the farrier. I can see this mare with work excelling in the working hunter or eventing fields. She is straight moving and has a willing attitude.

No novices need apply as this is a green pony and want a knowledgable home for her where she can continue to excel and get more and more confident.

Opened to any veterinary examination and transport can be arranged worldwide.

Reputable International Seller.

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