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Golden Sarco

Sarco is a very beautiful, bay Irish Sport Horse. 

He is fully clipped & shod and ready to get out and about. He has been to some combined training shows this January, 2020 and is showing fantastic promise.

He has quite an easy life up to date, hacking around a very large cattle farm with his owner. They were not interested in competition hence he has only started competing now through no fault of his own. 

He is not sick or sorry and is open to any extensive veterinarian check / x-rays. 

You would probably describe him as slightly green as he was only used up to date for the past 2 years of hacking about. But he is not bad minded. 

He has a bit of blood about him which is why I think he'll really thrive in a competitive environment. 

He has a super scopey jump and is ready to get out and about now in a new home.


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