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Kilmore Oliver

Future Superstar 14hh WH pony Ollie 14hh - 4 years old

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2DRJjdXQBns

Popping around a 90cm course with ease. Confident. Bold. Easygoing. He never looks at fillers. Such a brave chap.

Fully Registered Connemara gelding Earl of Castlefrench/Leag/Moy Hazy Cove bloodlines


This pony is just a sweetheart. We love his personality. Hes kind and takes things in his stride. He hacks confidently. He has hunted once. He will be schooled on the XC next week. He has a lovely pop to him and I reckon he'll make a cracking M&M WH pony. He has all the qualities i.e. straight legged, no dishing, no lumps/bumps or sarcoids. Open to any extensive veterinary examination & ridden trial here. Not only is he handsome, he's just very easy for a mere 4 year old. Despite all that, no novices please as he is just a baby and I want the best production for this special boy as I see a future for him. Home very important.

He will make a future high quality allrounder/WHP/PC etc. Price on inspection and will increase as he gets out and about now this summer doing some 4 year old workers.


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